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it watch the north korea nutter. he's talking about tarketing la and washington. >> 28 year old kim jong-un. >> crazy hair. >> when you are up. >> i am not crazy about the market and i think biotech is a great long-term play. youn are little risk and i like ilb. esf. >> how about you johnathon what is this week? >> it is great too see stocks rising a. and a lot of the greek shipping stockings are doing well . put it on your list as well and strong stock even with bad headlines and it would do well. >> show this week . there is it a fantastic week. thank you, everybody. that's it for the cost of the freedom block. >> this week we learned that the clowns in dc spent a million buckos puppets. we changed the focus of cashin in and committed to shining a bright light. call us your washington watch dog . keeping your eye on the attack dollar. until we get it we'll
, kim jong un, his father and one the of the things i was shocked, he loved dennis rodman since he was a kid. and i wonder how much they paid him and i bet he would have gave him a fortune, and dennis rodman is is in financial trouble and not saying-- he hasn't always been the most stable guy out there and acknowledged that he does know about the atrocities, but thinks after meeting this guy face-to-face he's a good quote, awesome guy. that would have been a question that i would ask dennis rodman if i had the opportunity, how much did they pay you? if he says that's private or it's none of your business, all right, but the at least i know that they paid him something. i'd like to know that. >> and his reaction, and also, i think he says he would have asked him what did you eat when people are dying in the country. stuart: eating grass and-- >> millions have died of starvation. stuart: look, you can laugh at that, but it's also a horrible tragic story. that man was used and used badly by a very bad person. >> and he wants obama to call kim jong un, get out of here, get the hell out
is describing is kim jong-un. why are we covering this? why is the media examining this and weighing this and thinking about what the impact might be? >> i watched an interview today that was quite alarming. the dennis rodman got closer to the dictator of north korea than any cia operative and i'm going to go with the silver lining. maybe it can help a little, but that dennis rodman should not be trusted with on policy. >> i'm glad that the dictators of north korea like basketball. i'm glad that something we can have in common. i love basketball as well, but i'm not a fan of human rights violations and dictators. gerri: what about the nuclear powers? [talking over each other] [talking over each other] gerri: thank you for coming on tonight, great stuff. we appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you. >> thank you. gerri: racking up points at your favorite hotels? they may not last that long. and companies dodging taxes by mislabeling. we will have details on this very good story coming up next at od, whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service lik
nba bad boy dennis rodman andd kim jong-un buddy up together. one of the most bizarre meetings ever. stay right where you are. >> oh russia, you never cease to amaze me. nominated his 15 minute old son to be on the board of russia's flag ship carry your. his reason? boards of state companies in russia have no power. why not nominate a baby? it makes sense to me; right? >> some 15 month olds are smarter than adults any way. he probably can't secure a seat, but not surprised. >> how do they do the voting? >> how would they? raise the baby's hand? >> there's someone breaking into the souvenir how, trying to get his way over. >> oh, man, oh, man, how are you? >> is it because i call you dennis? >> would you want to comment on the russian baby? >> move on. >> the ethanol run cars and cars run on coffee. i understand this, but the british made vehicle has a charcoal stove stockedded with coffee grounds. the heat breaks down the grounds releasing hydrogens into the cooling system. i understand that. it makes sense. i car reachedded a record speed of 65 miles per hour. wow. keep in mind, it
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into it emerging market. north korea, kim jong-un. we are going to have a contest how to pronounce that. people are snatching up gold coins made by the north korean government as a collectors item. if you buy this thing, you are funding this glorious leader and his antics. what do you think? >> this is an amazing that by jim rogers who started off with this. he's betting that at some point north korea will cease existing as a country. so to heck of a thing for him to resign these coins. adam: would you really want to fund a creature you crazy regime? >> betas had dennis rodman over there. i don't know, i wouldn't take part of it. not to mention the fact that he is a dictator. [laughter] adam: >> we are talking about points. they went for, what? 1600? he has already made about 1100
that it is being forced upon us by north korean behavior. dagen: kim jong un's father when he would be paid in similar fashion during his leadership, wasn't it meant to extract aid from the united states? could that just be what the leader expects to get out of this? >> we don't know what he expects to get out. dennis rodman may have a better sense of hat is on his mind. it is the most dangerous period when you don't know what their reaction is likely to be to a test or a normal girl rescheduled exercise. if you don't know how he is going to interpret that the prospects or potential for miscalculation really escalates sharply. we have to be very very careful that people don't misread signals here. 2010, the north korean attack on south korean navy ship, that was not just fun and games and hot air. 46 south korean sailors died. dagen: it was not fun and games when dennis rodman was sitting next to kim jong un and. i never found that amusing. that is going to be our ambassador and tell the president to call me, the entire thing -- >> very scary. his father always understood that the cost of
about bellicosity. kim jong un is really, i mean, quite beside himself, threatening nuclear devastation, visiting it upon the united states. your thoughts about how the united states should react. >> yeah. lou: white house has already said, no, we'll handle your nuclear threat, thank you very much. >> that doesn't make me feel reassured. well, if you go ahead -- a, you're going to have nuclear weapons, b, you might launch them at us, but don't worry, we'll take care of them. we would be laughing at these guys between dennis rodman and the music video, but the fact is he's getting his hands on nuclear weapons, and there'll be proliferation in south korea and japan. you'll see more nukes in the region. in five years we could have five more nuclear power. lou: and, ambassador, 30,000 of our troops on the dmz in south korea. isn't it about time that we remove those troops? because they are clearly in harm's way and would amount to very little in the way of resistance should he send forces over that line or missiles or rockets. >> well, the plan is to bring the troops back away from the dmz
heights. kim jong un nullified the arms of 60 years of uneasy peace at that. costing new sanctions levied by the u.n. security council carrying out missile and nuclear test. as they engage in two months of joint military drills. so far no sign of hostility along the zone, but the u.s. state department cautioning the impact may yet reveal itself. >> my understanding in the briefings we have had, mutual are meant to mac imac, but what the impact on the ground is not completely, not completely evident. again, this is clearly in a category of frederick threatening behavior and it is not appropriate and is not going to be helpful in terms of taking it in a more positive direction. lori: situation in afghanistan taking a deadly turn today. the tactic took the lives of two americans. the deaths from insider attacks in the country since 2008. fox news chief correspondent has our report. >> it got even more horrific today. two american soldiers killed by a person in afghan military uniform who turned his weapon on u.s. troops. just as in a state of anti-american comments by afghan president who ac
just the elites in north korea, the regime elite, kim jong-un and his close advisors. but the problem with all of these they depend on china for enforcement and china has enforced sanctions at times briefly. for instance, after north korea's first nuclear test in 2006 but then it always lets things slide. china specifically rejected including a ban on oil exports in this round of sanctions which is the only thing that would really bring north korea to heel. what looks like new and a lot of diplomatic kerr fluff melissa: they target elite as you say. ban importing julie, luxury yachts, racing cars to north korea. at the same time though, 35% of the population suffers from malnutrition. so it seems like, i think, i don't know, how big of a difference do these sanctions make? >> right. they will make very little. north korea, one of two ways the country, the regime survivors, -- survives, extorting financial assistance, foreign aid, energy aid from countries like the united states and south korea but they have a big trade in illicit goods, counterfeit pharmaceuticals, illegal drugs traff
on a training mission over south korea. it is sending a very clear message to kim jong-un of north korea. mess with south korea and you are messing with us. tensions are soaring by the day on the korean peninsula, but will severe u.s. defense cutbacks hurt the missions like this one and inhibit our ability to harm our ennis. chris, welcome back to the show. first of all is that a fair characterization that's why we did that today? >> melissa, thank you. a pleasure to be with you this evening. yes it is a fair characterization much of what we do in terms of our military posture, deployment, exercises and operations is meant to send a signal and a message to our enemies. there are all kinds of things we can do short of combat to let our enemies know where we are. let's make no mistake north korea is our enemy. nobody understands why they do what they do. we can assess the behavior and and its impact and for sure it is destablizing to part of the pacific rim. part of our position to position bombers on the south peninsula where the north koreans are sure to see them. melissa: this is a show on mo
. >> a news alert here, we want to bring you up-to-date on north korea. according to state media kim jong-un has told to be ready on attack, and missile flew two stealth bombers over south korea as part of a military exercise and we'll have more on north korea with kt mcfarland in the next hour. around the country, they're sending the president a clear message, approve the keystone pipeline for the benefit of the economy. it's the first time that lieutenant governors have banded together to advocate something national. we happen to have one of them on the show and lt. governor sanchez, good morning. >> good morning, good to be with you. >> it's good to have more voices out on the situation. and what compelled the lieutenant governors of so many states to band together on this issue? >> well, first, let me say i was very proud to be one of 22 lieutenant governors to be urging the president to approve the pipeline. we understand it's about job creation and working with our governors to provide opportunities for our citizens. i can't think of a better project than the approval of the k k keysto
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)